Title Start Date End Date Download
Corrigendum – Pre-bid meeting on 13.08.2020 at 10 AM (through WEBEX as an optional facility to prospective bidders) @ DBO of 440 MLD WTP etc for Amritsar Punjab 12-08-2020
EoI for PWM in Punjab ULBs Aug 2020 11-08-2020 31-08-2020
Tender Drawings for 440 MLD WTP 14-07-2020 14-09-2020
RFP Vol.03-WTP-Amritsar under World Bank 14-07-2020 14-09-2020
RFP Vol.02-WTP-Amritsar under World Bank 14-07-2020 14-09-2020
RFP Vol.01-WTP-Amritsar under World Bank 14-07-2020 14-09-2020
EoI for Outsourcing the requirement of various categories of staff to an HR agency
20-06-2020 11-07-2020
EoI for management of plastic waste generated in jurisdiction of the ULBs in Punjab state (India)


28-05-2020 22-06-2020
Link to RFP for Integrated Command and Control Center ICCC for Jalandhar Smart City Limited under Smart City Mission
Link to Amritsar Safe City Project ICCC tender (Enter Tender ID 2019_DLG_35401_1 and search 22-07-2019 21-01-2020
Link for RFP of AMC of Ludhiana Safe City Project (Enter Tender ID 2019_DLG_42120_1 and search 18-12-2019 20-01-2020