Smart LED Street Lights and Centralised control system (Pan City)

Scope – The brief scope is as under:

i) Replacement of existing luminaires with LED luminaires (Including LED lamp, Driver and fixture) and installation of Centralized Control & Monitoring System (CCMS)

ii) Operation and maintenance of LED luminaires (Including LED lamp, Driver and fixture) / CCMS and Street Light System.

Project Cost

  1. Through PPP; The Concessionaire, for a contract period of  8 years (including installation period of 9 months (extendable by 3 months with prescribed penalty clause) and remaining for O&M and energy savings payment)
  2. Will result in estimated Annual Monetary Benefits of 2.01 Cr with Energy Service Company (ESCO) model of Sharing of energy savings between Concessionaire and LMC as 90%: 10%.