Amrut Reforms

Department of Local Government Punjab has taken various initiatives to achieve these reforms:-

  • Preparation of Master Plan using GIS. :GIS based Master Plans has been prepared for many towns.
  • Digital India initiatives for laying of cables for digital/web networking: BSNL has been given free right to way for laying cables.
  • Transfer of funds under 14th Finance Commission to ULBs;
  • Rooftop Solar Energy installation: Solar Roof Top panels policy and Net metering. Many incentives have been given by PEDA for installing PV panels in buildings to tap solar energy. For more details click to the website of PEDA:
  • Rain Water Harvesting (RWH): Already there is a provision in the Punjab Municipal Building Byelaws-2010 for RWH. For more details please visit website of Department of Local Government Punjab

  • To achieve full potential of advertisement revenue by making a policy for destination specific potential having dynamic pricing module, Advertisement Policy was notified by the Govt. which is available online.
  • Incentives to Green Buildings: A policy was notified by the Govt. giving incentives to Green Buildings. Using ECBC and other green initiatives, we can decrease the electricity bills to half.
  • Increase Green Cover from 5% to 15%: A policy was notified by the Govt. to increase Green Cover from 5% to 15%. National Green Tribunal has also passed various Orders directing Governments of all the States to increase greenery in all the towns to make the environment clean.
  • Cadre Linked Training: The Govt. has initiated various Cadre Linked Training programs under AMRUT and other Schemes.
  • To complete the credit ratings of the ULBs Govt. has engaged a Company called Brickwork Ratings India for this job. This company will provide credit rating of MC Muktsar, based upon the rating; the company will suggest ways and means of enhancing financial health and borrowings.